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ASRA Pain Medicine consensus guidelines on the management of the perioperative patient on cannabis and cannabinoids
Shalini Shah, Eric S Schwenk, Rakesh V Sondekoppam, Hance Clarke, Mark Zakowski, Rachel S Rzasa-Lynn, Brent Yeung, Kate Nicholson, Gary Schwartz, W Michael Hooten, Mark Wallace, Eugene R Viscusi, Samer Narouze

5 January 2023

Recommendations for anatomical structures to identify on ultrasound for the performance of intermediate and advanced blocks in ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia
Toby Ashken, James Bowness, Alan James Robert Macfarlane, Lloyd Turbitt, Boyne Bellew, Nigel Bedforth, David Burckett-St Laurent, Alain Delbos, Kariem El-Boghdadly, Nabil M Elkassabany, Jenny Ferry, Ben Fox, James L H French, Calum Grant, Ashwani GuptaSee the full list of authors

5 September 2022

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