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Getting to Know the Editorial Board

Alopi M. Patel, MD

Please see here for past editions of this section. Alopi M. Patel, MD, is an Associate Professor at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Photo of Alopi Patel Do you consider yourself primarily a regional anesthesiologist, an acute pain practitioner, or a chronic pain specialist (or some combination of these)? What led you to choose this specialty? I am a chronic pain physician who specializes in pelvic pain and women’s health. As an anesthesiology resident, I chose to specialize in chronic pain due to the continuity of care with patients and being able to see a person progress successfully through interventions. Through my fellowship year and as an early career physician, I recognized the lack of understanding and treatment options available for pelvic pain, for both male and female pelvic pain patients. I chose to further dedicate my time to treating and advocating for this patient population. What do you like best about your job? What gets you excited about going to work? I enjoy seeing the various types of pelvic pain patients. I feel privileged to be able to help the patient understand their pain syndrome and put the pieces together to improve their functionality and quality of life. I work through an algorithm of the types of pain such as muscular, neuropathic, visceral and bony related causes and create a comprehensive, tailored treatment plan for each patient to be able to fit their lifestyle. I enjoy seeing patients improve and being an advocate for them in a health care system that is often challenging to navigate, especially as a stigmatized patient. How and when did you get involved with the journal? (perhaps you started as an author, perhaps a colleague encouraged you to apply for the editorial board, feel free to name names!) I have been involved with RAPM as of March 2024. I was encouraged to apply due to my experience in social media and podcasting. I am looking forward to working with the editorial team to expand the digital impact of RAPM! Do you feel that your work with RAPM has had an impact on your career and if so, how? Not only is RAPM one of my personal favorite medical journals, it is consistently a well-respected journal that my colleagues refer to. Being on the editorial board is an honor and a privilege that will surely be impactful on my career. What advice do you have for others interested in getting involved with serving on the editorial board of scientific journals? I would encourage all interested professionals to get involved with scientific journals initially as peer reviewers or for social media promotion. There are numerous benefits to serving on editorial boards including being abreast on the latest advancements in the field and connecting with colleagues. What has been your proudest career moment? It makes me feel proud every time a patient finds me through my work on social media and podcasting. It empowers me to continue my mission to make health care information accessible and comprehensible. In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing the field of regional anesthesia and pain medicine today? Acceptance across all specialties as a safe and effective tool for acute and chronic pain. What one word would you say describes you? Determined What do you enjoy doing outside of work and why? Spending time with my kids! We enjoy dance parties, doing artwork, and exploring the neighborhood.