Table 2

Prescribing information of different brands of gadolinium23

Trade nameGeneric nameStructureDocuments the risk of serious nervous system-related complications?Presents information regarding intrathecal injection?Molar concentration of gadolinium (mol/L)
Ablavar58 Gadofosveset trisodiumLinear ionicNoNo0.25
Dotarem59 Gadoterate meglumineMacrocyclic ionicYesNo0.5
Eovist60 Gadoxetate disodiumLinear ionicYesNo0.25
Gadavist61 GadobutrolMacrocyclic nonionicYesNo1
Magnevist62 Gadopentetate dimeglumineLinear ionicYesNo0.5
MultiHance63 Gadobenate dimeglumineLinear ionicYesNo*0.5
Omniscan64 GadodiamideLinear non-ionicYes†Yes‡0.5
Optimark65 GadoversetamideLinear non-ionicYesNo*0.5
ProHance66 GadoteridolMacrocyclic non-ionicYesNo0.5
  • *States that it is only for intravenous use.

  • †Specifically indicates the risk of neurotoxicity due to intrathecal administration.

  • ‡States: ‘Not for intrathecal use. Inadvertent intrathecal use of gadodiamide has occurred and caused convulsions, coma, sensory and motor neurologic deficits.’