Table 1

Anthropomorphic and preoperative lead/stimulator characteristics (n=16)

(or n)
(or %)
Percentile of 16 subjects
Age (years)5594751576163
Female sex (n)213%
Height (cm)18210173173183185192
Weight (kg)9724748293113121
Body mass index (kg/m2)2962324313234
Right-sided surgery (n)744%
Average NRS score of lead insertions0.
Worst NRS score of lead insertions3.
Finger flexion MVIC (% change from baseline)−0.74.8−9.0−
Leads used during initial insertion (n)
Total lead implantation time (min)3122511325061
Time for each lead implantation (min)16958162229
Distance of lead tip to (cm)
Target nerve midpoint1.
Nerve epineurium0.
  • MVIC, maximum voluntary isometric contraction; NRS, Numeric Rating Scale (0–10), 10=worst imaginable pain, 0=no pain.