Table 1

Evoked motor responses of the sciatic nerve

EMRMuscle responsible for EMRPeripheral nerve mediating EMR
Plantar flexion*Posterior compartment:
  • Primarily gastrocnemius and soleus

  • Weakly by peroneus longus and peroneus brevis

  1. Tibial nerve

  2. Superficial peroneal nerve (CPN)

Dorsiflexion*Anterior compartment:
  • Tibialis anterior

  • Extensor digitorum longus

  • Extensor hallucis longus

Deep peroneal nerve (CPN)
Eversion†Lateral compartment:
  • Peroneus longus

  • Peroneus brevis

Superfical peroneal nerve (CPN)
  • Tibialis anterior

  • Tibialis posterior

  1. Deep peroneal nerve (CPN)

  2. Tibial nerve

  • *Occurs at talocrural joint.

  • †Occurs at the subtalar joint.

  • CPN, common peroneal nerve; EMR, evoked motor response.