Table 3

Linear regression for primary effectiveness endpoint of reduction in NRS at 3 months on possible predictors

SourceEstimateSE95% CIP value
Intercept−3.3601.594−6.484 to −0.2350.04
Treatment group (CRFA)2.0580.3351.402 to 2.714<0.0001
Age0.0260.0130.001 to 0.0520.046
Sex (female)0.4740.396−0.302 to 1.2510.23
Duration of diagnosis−0.0010.001−0.003 to 0.0020.56
BMI0.0560.031−0.005 to 0.1170.07
Response to blocks0.0060.010−0.013 to 0.0260.54
Baseline opioid use (yes)−0.2760.347−0.956 to 0.4040.43
  • BMI, body mass index; CRFA, cooled radiofrequency ablation; NRS, Numeric Rating Scale.