Table 1

Patient demographics of included studies

Author, yearCountry of studysACBcACB
Sex (M/F)AgeSex (M/F)AgeFunding source
Shah34 2015India7/3266.3013/3368.34N/A
Li32 2017China6/2467.706/2465.90China Health Ministry
Lee31 2018Canada41/7965.8024/3365.60Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care, Vancouver General Hospital
Zhang37 2018China4/2165.005/1867.00National Research Foundation of Nature Sciences
Canbek27 2019Turkey10/5067.1015/4866.90N/A
Elkassabany28 2019*USA37/1663.9034/1862.20N/A
Kim29 2019South Korea2/2066.403/1970.10N/A
Lyngeraa33 2019Denmark13/3769.7021/3070.30Ferrosan Medical Devices
Turner36 2018USA21/968.8013/1770.90N/A
Lam30 2020China11/1867.288/2165.97N/A
Tak35 2020†India21/3764.1019/3863.30N/A
  • Only those groups analyzed are included in this table.

  • *48-hour infusion data presented for cACB.

  • †Group receiving sACB+iPACK is not presented.

  • cACB, continuous adductor canal block; N/A, not applicable; sACB, shot adductor canal block.