Table 2

Secondary outcomes in PACU following surgery

Bupi group
LB group
P value
Opioid consumption, MME2±2.5(0)1.3±2.7(0)0.4
NRS Score at rest0.8±1(0)0.6±1.1(0)0.4
Worst NRS Score1.1±1.3(0)0.7±1.5(0)0.3
Patient satisfaction, n (%)39 (98)34 (85)0.1
PACU duration, min40.3±0.7(41)42.8±0.8(41)0.6
  • Values are shown as geometric mean±SD (median) or n (%).

  • MME, oral morphine equivalents; NRS, Verbal Numeric Rating Scale 0–10 (0 representing “no pain” and 10 representing the “worst pain imaginable”); PACU, post anesthesia care unit.