Table 1

Importance of factors involved in selection of applicants for interview and determination of candidate ranking

Overall impression during interview (interpersonal skills, professionalism, quality of answers, etc)9.281.01
Performance on interview9.001.07
Perceived commitment to chronic pain subspecialty8.841.53
Fit within the institution/environment8.681.79
LOR from pain medicine faculty8.471.71
Leadership experiences (participating in committees, extracurricular)7.421.32
Publications (book chapters, peer-reviewed PubMed indexed journals)7.261.48
LOR from non-pain medicine faculty (applicant’s primary specialty)7.212.07
Rotation in chronic pain anywhere7.162.68
Poster presentations at scientific meetings (pain medicine and primary specialty)7.161.46
Paper application7.161.60
Personal statement7.042.16
Telephone call/personal contact from external evaluator6.372.50
Perceived interest in academic medicine6.302.09
Chief resident status6.192.03
Applicant internal to department of fellowship5.372.89
Applicant has ties to program’s city/state5.323.20
Chronic pain rotation at fellowship site5.093.35
Perceived interest in community medicine5.002.10
Applicant from same institution as fellowship4.792.37
Thank you notes sent following interview4.402.65
Exposure to fluoroscopy guided procedures during residency4.352.48
Exposure to ultrasound-guided procedures during residency3.822.51
Applicant from institution external to fellowship3.542.18
  • Factors were rated on a (1–10) scale of importance. Scores 1–3 were considered low importance, 4–6 medium importance, 7–9 high importance and 10 extreme importance.

  • LOR, letter of recommendation.