Table 2

Surgical procedures and NSS-2 Bridge placement

CaseSurgical procedureBridge earSingle-Injection blockPerineural infusion
1Left: bunionette and hammertoe correctionLeftLeft: Popliteal-sciatic
2Right: Haglund’s excisionRightRight: Popliteal-sciatic
3Right: Haglund’s excisionLeftRight: Popliteal-sciatic
4Right: hallux interphalangeal joint fusion
Left: hammertoe correction
LeftBilateral: Popliteal-sciaticRight: Popliteal-sciatic postoperative days 0–3
5Bilateral: implant removalRightBilateral: Paravertebral
6Bilateral: reconstruction revision, fat grafting from abdominal flank liposuctionLeftBilateral: Paravertebral
7Right: Reconstruction with expander and implant
Left: mastopexy
LeftBilateral: Paravertebral
  • Single-injection peripheral nerve blocks included ropivacaine 0.5% with epinephrine.

  • Continuous peripheral nerve block included ropivacaine 0.2% (basal 6 mL/hour, bolus 4 mL, lockout 30 min).