Table 1

Demographic data and baseline assessments

Femoral triangle group
Proximal AC group
Distal AC group
P value
Demographic data
 Age (years)72.3±4.771.5±5.071.2±5.60.793
 Female/male22 (69)23 (74)24 (75)0.831
 Height (cm)156.5±7.8157.1±8.1156.4±6.30.723
 Weight (kg)65.5±8.465.5±9.863.9±7.50.474
 Body mass index (kg/m2)26.8±3.226.4±2.426.1±2.70.667
 ASA class (I/II/III)5/22/52/23/62/26/40.603
Operation side
Length of surgery (min)47.5 (42.0–61.5)47.0 (44.0–58.0)49.5 (43.0–55.5)0.998
Baseline assessments
 HADS (0–21)
 Anxiety6.0 (4.0–10.0)8.0 (3.0–9.0)6.0 (4.0–8.0)0.794
NRS resting pain scores2.0 (0–3.5)2.0 (0–3.0)2.0 (0–2.5)0.529
Baseline quadriceps strength (kgf)
 Operative leg10.7±3.711.2±3.610.2±2.50.254
 Non-operative leg12.6±3.613±312±2.70.251
Femur length (cm)42.8±2.842.6±3.242.2±2.60.623
  • Values are presented as median (IQR), mean±SD, or number of patients (%).

  • AC, adductor canal; ASA, American Society of Anesthesiologists; HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; kgf, kilogram-force unit; NRS, numeric rating scale.