Table 1

Summary of the characteristics of the included studies and the surgical and PVB techniques

StudyPVB techniqueComplicationsType of surgeryAdjuvant therapyOther CPSP factors
Iohom et al25Anatomical, continuous, single levelOne ipsilateral Horner’s syndromeLumpectomy, simple mastectomy, ANDChemotherapy, radiotherapyNone
Kairaluoma et al5Anatomical, single shot, single levelNot reportedSimple mastectomy, LNB, LNDChemotherapy, radiotherapyRepeated surgery
Ibarra et al28Neurostimulation, single shot, unknownOne Horner’s syndromeMRMChemotherapy, radiotherapyNone
Xu34Ultrasound, single shot, single levelNot reportedRMNot reportedNone
Elkaradawy et al33Ultrasound, continuous, single levelNot reportedLumpectomy, ANDChemotherapy, radiotherapyNone
Lee32Anatomical, continuous, single levelFour failures
Four dislodged catheters
Lumpectomy, SM, ANDChemotherapyRepeated surgery
Postoperative allodynia days 1, 2, and 3 and month 3
Karmakar et al30Anatomical, single shot vs continuous single levelNo major complicationMRMChemotherapy, radiotherapyNone
Lam31Ultrasound, single shot, single levelNot reportedTotal mastectomyNot reportedNone
Ilfeld et al29Ultrasound, continuous, single levelNot reportedSimple mastectomy, LNDNot reportedNone
Abdallah et al26Ultrasound, single shot, multiple levelNoneSegmental mastectomy with SLNB or ALND, total mastectomy with or without SLNB, MRM, and SM with implant insertionChemotherapy, radiotherapyBreast reconstructive surgery
Gacio et al27Anatomical, single shot, single levelHypotension (9 vs 3)
Bradycardia (12.5% vs 7.5%)
Pleural puncture without PNO
SM, MRM, LNDChemotherapy, radiotherapyNone
Sessler et al19Ultrasound, single shot, multiple levelNo major complication observedSimple mastectomy, MRM, LNDChemotherapy, radiotherapyNone
  • ALND, axillary lymph node dissection; AND, axillary node dissection; CPSP, chronic postsurgical pain; LNB, lymph node biopsy; LND, lymph node dissection; MRM, modified radical mastectomy; PNO, pneumothorax; PVB, paravertebral block; RM, radical mastectomy; SLNB, sentinel lymph node biopsy; SM, simple mastectomy.