Table 3

Total and specific indirect effects, bootstrap SEs and 95% CIs for mediation model of the association between lifetime abuse history and sum of pain medication side effects (n=3118)

Unstandardized coefficientBootstrap SEP value95% CIProportion of total indirect effectProportion of specific indirect effect
Total indirect effect1.660.19<0.0011.2862.028
Child abuse only→sum of pain medication side effects0.430.06<0.0010.3120.5440.26
→ Fibromyalgia survey criteria score0.350.05<0.0010.2460.4570.81
→ Pain catastrophizing0.080.020.0010.0300.1230.19
Adult abuse only→sum of pain medication side effects0.440.09<0.0010.2550.6240.27
→ Fibromyalgia survey criteria score0.380.09<0.0010.2070.5440.86
→ Pain catastrophizing0.060.030.0200.0100.1180.14
Cumulative abuse→sum of pain medication side effects0.790.10<0.0010.5850.9940.48
→ Fibromyalgia survey criteria score0.710.10<0.0010.5140.9060.90
→ Pain catastrophizing0.080.030.0080.0210.1380.10
  • Total indirect effect refers to effect from predictors of interest (not including age and female).

  • LL, lower limit; UL, upper limit.