Table 2

Opioid consumption by treatment group

120 mg/3.6 mg
120 mg
3.6 mg
Saline placebo
Median time to first opioid rescue medication (hours)10.636.313.833.62
 P value versus HTX-0110.0025<0.0001<0.0001
Total opioid use (mg)
0–24 hours
 Mean (SD)8.55 (8.089)15.07 (7.987)16.07 (9.766)16.75 (8.820)
 P value versus HTX-0110.00030.0001<0.0001
0–72 hours
 Mean (SD)23.70 (19.145)29.40 (18.788)32.70 (20.742)32.65 (23.505)
 P value versus HTX-0110.16990.03650.0077
  • Total opioid use is expressed as intravenous milligram morphine equivalents (ie, morphine equivalents). P values from Wilcoxon test (time to first opioid use) and analysis of variance (total opioid use).