Table 1

Patient characteristic and clinical data in the study

ESPB group
Control group
P value*†
Mean age (SD) (years)51.2 (5.3)52.9 (4.8)0.48
Mean height (SD) (cm)160.1 (3.8)159.8 (4.1)0.46
Mean weight (SD) (kg)59.8 (6.0)58.5 (4.5)0.07
ASA classification, n (%)0.30
 Ⅰ25 (64.1)21 (52.5)
 Ⅱ14 (35.9)19 (47.5)
Mean surgical time (SD) (min)110.6 (10.5)113.4 (11.4)0.32
Median preoperative global QoR-15 score (IQR)130 (128–133)128.5 (126–131.5)0.18
  • *P value compares the ESPB group versus the control group.

  • †t-test used to compare means, Mann-Whitney U-test used to compare medians, chi-square test used to compare proportions.

  • ASA, American Society of Anesthesiologists; ESPB, erector spinae plane block;QoR-15, 15-item QoR questionnaire; QoR, quality of recovery.