Table 1

Included studies

AuthorYearProcedureUSGNumber treatment/controlBlock/controlType of anesthesiaBlock complicationsModified Jadad Score
Bashandy et al 16 2015Modified radical mastectomyY60/60Pecs block II (levobupivacaine)+ GA Pecs block II (NS)+ GAFentanyl, propofol, isoflurane and cisatracuriumNot reported3
Cros J et al 17 2018Mastectomy with or without lymph node dissectionY14/15Pecs block I (bupivacaine)+ GA Pecs block I (NS)+ GAFentanyl/sufentanil, propofol, sevoflurane/desflurane and rocuroniumPectoral hematoma/ bleeding5
Neethu et al 18 2017Modified radical mastectomy with or without lymph node dissectionY30/30Pecs block II (ropivacaine)+ GAFentanyl, propofol and vecuroniumNone5
Ali Hassn et al 19 2016Modified radical mastectomyY30/30Pecs block II (bupivacaine) and dexmedetomidine)+ GA Pecs block II (NS)+ GAPropofol, isoflurane and cisatracuriumNone4
Kamiya et al 20 2018Modified radical mastectomy with or without lymph node dissectionY29/30Pecs block II (levobupivacaine) + GA Pecs block I (NS)+ GAPropofol, remifentanil and rocuroniumNone5
O’ Scanaill et al 21 2018Mastectomy without lymph node biopsyY15/15/15Pecs block II (levobupivacaine) cLA WI +Pecs block II (levobupivacaine) cLA WIPropofol, sevofluraneNone5
Versyck et al 22 2017Mastectomy with lymph node resectionY45/40Pecs block II (bupivacaine)+ GA Pecs block II (NS)+ GASufentanil, propofol, sevoflurane and rocuroniumNone5
  • .GA, general anesthesia; LA, local anesthetic; PACU, postoperative anesthesia care unit; Pecs, pectoral nerve block; USG, ultrasound guided; WI, wound infiltration; cLA, continuous local anesthetic.