Table 2

Patients’ anxiety scores (before and after block and difference between the post-block and pre-block scores), patient and physician satisfaction scores and their perceptions of difficulty in communication

MusicMidazolamP value
Pre STAI-6 scores33.3 (23.3–41.7)30 (20–40)0.65
Post STAI-6 scores30 (20–40)23.3 (20–33.3)0.01*
Change in STAI-6 scores, mean (SD)−1.6 (10.7)−4.2 (11)0.14
Patient satisfaction8 (5–9)9 (7–10)0.01*
Patient perspective on communication difficulties1 (1–2)1 (1–1)0.005*
Physician satisfaction9 (8–10)10 (8–10)0.07
Physician perspective on communication difficulties1 (1–2)1 (1–1)0.0007*
  • Data are presented as median (IQR), except for the change in STAI-6 scores which is normally distributed and is presented as mean (SD). Patient and physician satisfaction scores are reported on a scale from 0 to 10. Perception of communication difficulty is presented on a Likert scale (from 0 to 5).

  • Wilcoxon rank sum test was used to compare the two groups in all data points except for the change in STAI-6 scores in which a paired t-test was used for this comparison.

  • *Statistical significance is considered when p<0.05.

  • STAI-6, State Trait Anxiety Inventory-6.