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176 It is between heaven and hell – patients experiences of preoperative pain and pain management among patients with hip fracture receiving a femoral nerve block
  1. A Unneby1,
  2. Y Gustafson2,
  3. B Olofsson3 and
  4. B-M Lindgren3
  1. 1Umea University, Department of Nursing and Department of Surgical and Perioperative Science Orthopedics, Umeå, Sweden
  2. 2Umeå University, Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Geriatric Medicine, Umeå, Sweden
  3. 3Umea University, Department of Nursing, Umeå, Sweden


Background and Aims Preoperative pain is common and often severe among patients suffering hip fracture. Opioids are usually used but have many side effects. One alternative is a femoral nerve block (FNB). It has been shown to reduce pain and lower the needs for opioids. However, to our knowledge no study has explored qualitatively how patients with hip fracture experiences the treatment with FNB. The aim of this study was to explore experiences of preoperative pain and pain management among patients with hip fracture who had received femoral nerve block.

Methods A qualitative design with semi-structured interviews (n=23) were conducted 2–6 days after surgery. Inclusion criteria were 70 years or older Swedish speaking patients with hip fracture admitted to the the Orthopedic Ward, treated with femoral nerve block before nursing actions. Data was analyzed with qualitative content analysis. This study was approved by a regional ethical review board, Sweden, (DNR 2016/387-31M)

Results Our result revealed one theme; hovering between and hell with five sub-themes; experiencing memory loss due to remember the pain and pain management and how the pain were described to be no pain, to worst pain and everything in between; they were dealing with pain in an own way; felt dependent to staff´s willingness to relive pain; and that pain management could be lifesaving and a near death experience.

Conclusions The experience of pain and pain management are between heaven and hell. However, a person-centered pain management are important independent on which pain relief given to achieve well managed pain.

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