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160 A retrospective case series on the effectiveness and safety of a novel ultrasound-guided clavipectoral plane block for midshaft clavicle surgeries
  1. A Rosales and
  2. N Aypa
  1. Makati Medical Center, Makati, Philippines


Background and Aims The use of brachial plexus block (interscalene approach) or combination blocks (interscalene with superficial cervical plexus) in clavicle surgeries can be time consuming versus using a clavipectoral plane block (CPB), a novel block first described in the 2017 European Society of Regional Anaesthesia Congress. The primary objective of this study was to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of using CPB with or without superficial cervical plexus (SCP) block as surgical anesthesia in clavicle surgeries.

Methods This was a retrospective, descriptive, observational case series of seven patients with midshaft clavicle fractures approved by the IRB (Protocol Number 2021-047). The primary endpoint was to determine the pain scores and opioid consumption of the patients thru a chart review and to determine any adverse effects of the blocks.

Results Both patients given with CPB had pain after PACU discharge up to 24 hours after surgery, but none required opioid medications post-op. All five patients who had CPB with SCP block had pain after PACU discharge up to 24 hours after surgery but one patient previously under sedation had required opioid medication after PACU discharge. The median duration between PACU discharge and first post-operative pain reported was at 12 hours. None of the patients had any adverse effects from the nerve blocks received.

Conclusions CPB with or without SCP block provided effective and safe anesthesia and analgesia to patients who underwent clavicle surgery under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. However, larger prospective trial studies should be conducted to further illustrate the sensory distribution of this plane block.

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