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125 Contents of uric acid, vitamin D in the blood serum and characteristics of epidural analgesia for labor in parturient women with preeclampsia
  1. E Oreshnikov,
  2. S Oreshnikova,
  3. E Vasiljeva and
  4. T Denisova
  1. Chuvash State University, Cheboksary, Russian Federation


Background and Aims It is known that more than 40% of pregnant women have a deficiencyof vitamin D. In addition to the classic symptoms of preeclampsia, more than a quarter of century, many foreign clinicians as preeclampsia indicator used by the hyperuricemia. We study the relationship of pain in childbirth, characteristics of epidural analgesia in patients with preeclampsia and the level of vitamin D, uric acid in the blood serum.

Methods The study group included patients with severe and moderate preeclampsia,alone have given birth vaginally with epidural analgesia. The control group included patients with physiological pregnancy, independently gave birth vaginally with epidural analgesia. The material of the study was to peripheral blood of pregnant women taken at admission to the hospital for delivery. VitaminD level was performed by enzyme immunoassay kits. The concentration of uric acid was determined spectrophotometrically.

Results In patients with severe preeclampsia revealed: a pronounced deficiency ofvitamin D, a tough hyperuricemia, had higher numbers mean arterial pressure during labor epidural analgesia in the background. The results also gave evidence to suggestthat patients with preeclampsia who have previously been registered low levels of vitamin D and an increased concentration of uric acid in the birth have a greater need for a local anesthetic toreduce pain and stabilize blood pressure than patients with higher levels of vitamin D and smaller uric acid.

Conclusions In women with preeclampsia during childbirth epidural analgesia, low levels of vitamin D and hyperuricemia are associated a higher demand for local anesthetics.

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