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123 Vaginal birth after cesarean section in Albania
  1. N Ceni1,
  2. A Bimbashi1 and
  3. R Ceni2
  1. 1Obstetric-Gynecological University Hospital ‘Koço Gliozheni’, Tirana, Albania
  2. 2Lady of Good Counsel University, Tirana, Albania


Background and Aims The rate of primary cesarean section (CS) is on the rise. More and more women report with a history of a previous CS. A trial of vaginal delivery can save these women from the risk of repeat CS. The study was conducted to assess the safety and success rate of vaginal birth after CS (VBAC) in selected cases of one previous lower segment CS (LSCS).

Methods This is a prospective study conducted at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Hospital ‘Koço Gliozheni’, Tirana, Albania, in the period 2015–2019. Sixty eight pregnant women with a history of one previous LSCS were enrolled in the study. The study was approved by national Medical Ethics Committee of Albania.

Results In the present study, 92% cases had a successful VBAC and 8% underwent a repeat emergency LSCS for failed trial of vaginal delivery. Cervical dilatation of more than 3cm at the time of admission was a significant factor in favor of a successful VBAC. Birth weight of more than 3,000g was significantly associated with a lower success rate of VBAC (p<0.01). The incidence of fatal distress and uterine rupture was 1.6% respectively in the present study. There was no maternal or neonatal mortality.

Conclusions Trial of VBAC in selected cases has a great importance in the present era of the rising rate of primary CS. Majority of the cases of previous CS done for nonrecurrent indication can be delivered safely by the vaginal route, without any major complication to the mother and the newborn.

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