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119 Outcomes of pregnancy and delivery following a surgery of advanced endometriosis
  1. S Krzconavičiūtė1 and
  2. V Abraitis2
  1. 1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania
  2. 2Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics, Kaunas, Lithuania


Background and Aims Even though endometriosis is widely spread among women of reproductive age [1, 2], few researches have been done to identify the influence of endometriosis on pregnancy and delivery outcomes. The aim of this study is to evaluate outcomes of pregnancy and delivery following a surgery of advanced endometriosis.

Methods A retrospective analysis was conducted at LSMU Kaunas Clinics. The sample consisted of 64 women who underwent surgery of endometriosis. The results were compared to the statistical data and other scientific researches. Significant differences were considered when p<0.05.

Results 25% of pregnancies ended with spontaneous abortion, 15,63% – with premature labour. Pregnancy complication rate did not statistically significantly differ in IVF pregnant women compared to conceived naturally. More pregnancy complications were identified following a surgery of a III stage of endometriosis compared to after surgery of a IV stage of endometriosis (p<0,05). From all analysed deliveries 31,25% ended with cesarean section. More deliveries via cesarean section were found after IVF compared to natural conception (p>0,05). A higher frequency of cesarean section was found in women who got pregnant after IV stage endometriosis surgery compared to those after III stage surgery (p>0,05).

Conclusions Women after a surgery of III stage endometriosis have an increased probability of pregnancy complications compared to woman after surgery of IV stage endometriosis. Rate of cesarean section is still increased after a surgery of advanced endometriosis. Cesarean sections are performed more frequently on women after surgery of IV stage endometriosis than after surgery of III stage endometriosis.

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