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105 Questionnaire survey of satisfaction with labour neuraxial analgesia
  1. S Carvalho,
  2. A Carrão,
  3. I Ferraz,
  4. C Castanheira and
  5. M Ghira
  1. Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, Loures, Portugal


Background and Aims Neuraxial analgesia for labour has become common practice in developed countries. The aim of this study was to evaluate the degree of satisfaction with neuraxial analgesia during labour in our institution which is requested by more than 80% of women.

Methods We conducted a retrospective questionnaire survey to women up to 3 days after delivery, between July and September 2020. The primary outcome was the degree of satisfaction (using a numeric rating scale from 0 to 10). Secondary outcomes were pain relief (using a numeric rating scale from 0 to 10), side effects and reasons not to use neuraxial analgesia. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS® software (version 22).

Results A total of 232 women answered the questionnaire, of which 47.4% had a combined spinal-epidural technique, 44.4% epidural, 0.4% spinal and 7.8% did not have neuraxial analgesia. The median degree of satisfaction was 10 [9;10]. Pain after the technique reduced from a median of 9 [7;10] to 0 [0;2]. Side effects and other complaints are shown in figure 1. Main reasons not to use neuraxial analgesia were neuraxial analgesia not being offered due to complete dilation on admission (66.7%), tolerance to labour pain (16.7%) and previous unsatisfactory labour neuraxial analgesia (5.6%). About 2.3% would not request neuraxial analgesia in a next pregnancy.

Conclusions In our sample, there was a high adherence to neuraxial analgesia (92.2%), with an even distribution between epidural and combined spinal-epidural techniques. Even with minor side effects, mainly pruritus, most women were satisfied and 97.7% would request neuraxial analgesia again.

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