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63 Combined thoracic spinal epidural anesthesia for laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy; one hundred cases experience
  1. W Sultan1 and
  2. MD Sarhan2
  1. 1Menoufia University, Faculty of Medicine, Shebeen Elkoom, Egypt
  2. 2Cairo University, Kasr Alainy Medical School, Cairo, Egypt


Background and Aims Obesity is a growingly impacting human health. Laparoscopic sleeve gasterectomy is one of successful management procedures for morbid obesity. However, general anesthesia (GA) used in this major surgery has its documented drawbacks in such patients with high risk. Combined thoracic spinal epidural anesthesia (CTSEA), a modern regional anesthesia procedure, has the advantages of both spinal and epidural anesthesia, with the avoidance of their shortcomings. Aim of the study:This study is a case experience to assess the feasibility of CTSEA as an anesthesia option for LSG.

Methods 100 patients recruited for LSG as amanagement procedure of morbid obesity were performed under CTSEA. Perioperative events, functional parameters and patients satisfaction scores were recorded

Results Our study showed successful use of CTSEA in 91% of the patients, one patient (1%) was converted to GA due to severe pain and anxiety. Few adverse events occurred, and they were managed accordingly. Satisfaction score revealed that 94% of the patients were satisfied.

Conclusions CTSEA was successful anesthetic alternative procedure for LSG surgery.

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