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207 Implementation of training in ultrasound guided regional anaesthetic ‘Plan A’ nerve blocks during the covid pandemic – training must go on!
  1. F Moosa,
  2. N Sadavarte,
  3. N Pinnamaneni,
  4. D Luff,
  5. A Hassan and
  6. N Bedforth
  1. Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK


Background and Aims There has been a significant impact on anaesthetic teaching and training within the UK owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the teaching needs are met using virtual methods. Hands on skills such as regional anaesthesia are not suitable for a virtual teaching format. Therefore, we aimed to continue and provide regional anaesthesia training in a large tertiary teaching hospital in a COVID-safe manner.

Methods We implemented training of ‘Plan A’ blocks1. This included dedicated theatre space, ultrasound equipment and use of HDMI technology for projection. The training was delivered in small groups in a safe and socially distanced manner. Information about the delivery of content, participant satisfaction and confidence in block performance were collected using a survey. All teaching was delivered by a Consultant and trainee with interest in regional anaesthesia. Approval was obtained form the local audit department.

Results Data was collated after a four-month cycle of teaching. Attendees ranged from core trainees (67%) to junior registrars (33%). 95% participants found the content, hands on experience and presenters’ knowledge to be excellent. 86% of participants felt they had better confidence in their block skills after the training. Overall satisfaction with delivery of the training was recorded as excellent in 95% of candidates.

Conclusions Continuing regional anaesthesia training in the COVID-19 pandemic has been beneficial for trainees in terms of improvement in skills and to boost their morale. This has been particularly relevant as there has been a drive to reduce aerosol generating procedures and improve safety for anaesthetists and theatre staff2.

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