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190 Results of combined popliteal and saphenous nerve block applications
  1. H Emirkadi and
  2. İ Çiçek
  1. Gölcük Necati Çelik Goverment Hospital, Kocaeli, Turkey


Background and Aims Peripheral nerve block techniques for extremity surgeries have gained increasing popularity and have been used often in recent years.With the help of this method,much more comfort can be provided without the need of general anesthesia.Successful surgery and postoperative analgesia can be obtained by detecting accurate anatomic localization,dermatome and myotomes.

Methods We studied 35 patients (27 male, 8 female)retrospectively,whom received combined sciatic popliteal and saphenous nerve block using peripheral nerve stimulator for lower extremity surgeries between 2018–2020. Diabetic patients were excluded from the study due to diabetic neuropathy.Patients were sedated with 1 mg midazolam before the blockage.Then,the sciatic nerve was localized by peripheral nerve stimulator and popliteal sciatic block was performed by 20 mL of 0.25% bupivacaine and,20 mL of 1% lidocaine.Saphenous vein blockage was performed by 5 ml of 2% lidocaine and 5 ml of 0.5% bupivacaine.

Results The mean blockage performing time was determined as 30 minutes.A tourniquet was applied above 5 cm at the ankle joint for all operations. Average tourniquet (bound) time was measured as 40 minutes.None of the patients needed additional anesthesia procedures.Significant intraoperative complications associated with the application were not observed in the postoperative period.Degree of the patients’ post-operative pain was assessed using Visual Analogue Scale.Patients did not require narcotic analgesics in the early and late postoperative period.In all patients,oral intake was started after the completion of surgery

Conclusions In addition to all these advantages,we believe that combined popliteal sciatic block should be preferred in foot surgery for selected patients to avoid complications of general or spinal anesthesia.

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