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Cardiovascular Effects of Anesthesia and Surgery: Review of Hemodynamic Measurements and Their Interpretation
  1. C. Prys-Roberts, MA, DM, PhD, FFARCS
  1. From Sir Humphry Davy Department of Anaesthesia, University of Bristol, Royal Infirmary, Bristol, England.


Assessment of cardiovascular function in man demands meticulous attention to the quality control of measurement and to the planning of studies. Little insight is gained by simply recording the effects of various anesthetics, general or regional, on the cardiovascular system, though of course such data are useful as baseline information. Most insight is gained by studying the response of the normal and the abnormal system to deliberate perturbations of its function.

  • Cardiovascular function
  • measurement
  • anesthetic effects
  • Anesthetics
  • general
  • regional
  • cardiovascular effects

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