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EP072 Evaluation of one lung ventilation with ultrasound in thorac surgery operations
  1. Hale Aksu1,
  2. Ayşe Karcı2,
  3. Beyza Ozkan2 and
  4. Selin Bozkurt2
  1. 1Anesthesiology, Dokuz Eylül university, Izmir, Turkey
  2. 2Anesthesiology, Dokuz Eylül university, BALÇOVA, Turkey


Background and Aims The aim of this study is to evaluate the confirmation of double lumen tube placement with thoracic USG in thoracic surgery operations with one lung ventilation.

Methods In this prospective and observational study, 130 patients aged between 18-65 years in ASA (American Society of Anesthesiology) I-III risk class who will undergo thoracic surgery with the application of single-lung ventilation were included in the study. A double-lumen endobronchial tube was placed in the patients blindly. One-lung ventilation was confirmed by thoracic USG by the anesthesiologist. The patient‘s demographic data, rapid clinical evaluation and USG data results, and intraoperative surgeon satisfaction were recorded.

Results The success of estimating DLT position with thorax USG was found to be statistically significant when compared with other methods (p=<0.001). The sensitivity and specificity values of DLT position success estimation of fiberoptic bronchoscopy were found to be higher than other methods. BMI was found to be higher in patients with failed USG and rapid clinical evuluation estimation of DLT position (p<0.001).

Conclusions The results of this study showed that thoracic USG can be used as an alternative to rapid clinical evaluation method in thoracic surgery patients undergoing one lung ventilation.

  • One Lung Ventilation
  • Thorax USG
  • Rapid Clinical Evaluation
  • Double Lumen Tube Intubation

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