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EP054 Complications in continuous peripheral nerve blocks at home: a retrospective cohort analysis of 1,370 Cases from a university-based hospital
  1. Natalia Molina,
  2. Pablo Miranda,
  3. Francisca Elgueta,
  4. Daniela Biggs and
  5. Fernando Altermatt
  1. Anesthesiology, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile


Background and Aims Continuous regional analgesia at home is a technique for postoperative pain management but is not exempt from complications. The following retrospective cohort study aims to determine the incidence and nature of the complications related to continuous regional analgesia at home.

Methods A retrospective analysis was conducted on 1,370 patients receiving continuous peripheral nerve analgesia at home, taken from our Pain Unit database. Data were collected on patient demographics, medical history, surgical procedure, catheter placement, and complications associated with the technique.

Results Our patients were primarily females (59.6%) with a mean age of 48.0 (SD ± 17.7) years and a mean BMI of 27.1 (SD ± 4.5). Most patients (68.6%) were ASA II; the most common blocks were continuous popliteal, interscalene, or infraclavicular blocks. The most common complication reported was accidental catheter removal during follow-up, affecting 7.8% of patients. Only 80 (5.84%) of our patients required re-consultation and 3 of them were re-admitted. No significant complications were found in this cohort.

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Demographic data

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Catheter location

Conclusions In this series of patients, the most common problems described during the follow-up period were minor problems with a low incidence and without significant impact on re-consultation or re-admissions. Overall, continuous regional analgesia at home is a feasible practice that benefits patients and clinicians.

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