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EP023 Reducing the risk of wrong side regional anaesthesia: launching Prep, Stop Block within a district general hospital
  1. Peter Daum1 and
  2. Barron Ann2
  1. 1Anaesthetics Department, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Reigate, UK
  2. 2Anaesthetics Department, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Redhill, UK


Background and Aims In 2021, following extensive review the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group updated the Stop Before You Block (SBYB) process into three explicit steps:

(1) Preparation, (2) a Stop moment followed immediately by (3) performance of the Block. Two years on, this initiative had yet to gain traction within our department and a wrong side block prompted further action.

Methods We evaluated awareness of the Prep, Stop, Block process amongst anaesthetists and anaesthetic assistants.

Results Though 100% of respondents (n=34) were aware of SBYB, less than 50% were aware of Prep, Stop, Block. Furthermore, only 40% of consultants felt that SBYB or Prep, Stop, Block was being carried out correctly ≥80% of the time. Based on these results we undertook further steps to address this. We began an education campaign to promote Prep, Stop, Block, including strategic placement of posters on ultrasound machines and ‘tea trolley training’ incorporating a video demonstration. We included it in teaching for both anaesthetists, anaesthetic assistants and students. We are making it a part of our standard operating policy for regional anaesthesia.

Abstract EP023 Figure 1

Ultrasound machine with prep, stop, block poster placed directly in line of sight of the person(s) performing regional anaesthesia

Conclusions We increased awareness of Prep, Stop, Block, improved compliance with its processes and hope to have reduced the incidence of wrong side regional anaesthetic block. Despite national safety initiatives, local implementation often remains inadequate. Proactive steps are necessary to promote their uptake and improve patient safety.

  • regional anaesthesia
  • patient safety

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