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#35964 Regional anaesthesia resolved the problem and cancelled an elective surgery!!!
  1. Poornashree G,
  2. Prashanth Prabhu,
  3. Anand Valu,
  4. Radhika Dhanpal and
  5. Saranya Narayanan
  1. Anaesthesiology, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bangalore, India


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Background and Aims 31yr old male got admitted to the hospital with complaints of inability to extend the left forearm completely. It was sudden in onset and present since last 6months. There was no previous history of trauma. Patient did not have any other habits or comorbid conditions. On examination, patient was unable to extend his left forearm completely (180 degrees) due to restricted movement at the left elbow (110-120 degrees). For the same condition, he was posted for elective left elbow arthrolysis surgery.

Methods On the day of surgery, patient was shifted to operation room, monitors connected and IV cannula secured. In supine position, left side of the neck, supra and infraclavicular area was painted and draped. Left ultrasound-guided left supraclavicular brachial plexus block was given using 20ml of 0.5% bupivacaine.

Results Post block after 15minutes, patient left upper limb was adequately blocked for surgery and patient was unable to move his limb for surgery. The patient at this time noticed complete extension of his left upper limb and he asked the surgeon to postpone the surgery. On follow up next day, once the effect of block had recovered, patient was able to voluntarily extend his left forearm completely (180 degrees). He requested his surgery to be cancelled and thanked us for solving his problem.

Abstract #35964 Figure 1

Before regional anaesthesia

Abstract #35964 Figure 2

UGRA Supraclavicular brachial plexus block

Abstract #35964 Figure 3

After regional anaesthesia

Conclusions Ultrasound guided left supraclavicular block was an effective therapeutic treatment for this patient and cancelled an elective surgery of left elbow arthrolysis.

  • Regional anaesthesia
  • cancelled
  • elective surgery

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