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#34326 Neuraxial ultrasound teaching programme
  1. Dairshini Sithambaram and
  2. Tammar Al-Ani
  1. Anaesthetics, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, UK


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Background and Aims There is growing evidence for using preprocedural neuraxial ultrasound (PNU) to improve the safety and efficacy of neuraxial blocks. However, there are currently no standardised training pathways for this technique. This quality improvement project introduces a neuraxial ultrasound teaching programme for anaesthetic trainees.

Methods We surveyed anaesthetic trainees covering obstetric and general theatres in a large tertiary hospital on their use of preprocedural neuraxial ultrasound. The survey results helped structure the neuraxial ultrasound teaching programme within our department.

Results The results of the survey are summarised in the table 1 below

Abstract #34326 Table 1

Results of survey of anaesthetic trainee’s regarding PNU

Abstract #34326 Figure 1

Practical scanning aid card

Conclusions We introduced a neuraxial ultrasound teaching programme for anaesthetic trainees in our department using a combination of formal teaching sessions delivered bi-annually, hands-on practice and practical scanning aid cards.

  • central nerve blocks
  • regional anaesthesia
  • ultrasound

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