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#35836 Development of an institutional guideline for cleaning and disinfection of surface US probes
  1. Adriana Posada and
  2. Wilton Levine
  1. Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA


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Background and Aims The use of ultrasound (US) in perioperative settings has significantly increased due to its assistance capabilities. However, there is a lack of standardized guidelines for their cleaning and disinfection. There are conflicting instructions between probe manufacturers, as well as inconsistencies and lack of regulation from regulatory agen

Methods A comprehensive review of existing literature, manufacturer IFUs, regulatory guidelines (FDA, CDC, Joint Commission) and the American Institute of US Medicine statement supported by over 20 professional societies was conducted to identify the current best practices and gaps in knowledge. An interdisciplinary task force consisting of anesthesiologists, infection control specialists, biomedical engineers, and sterile processing experts developed the guideline.

Results The task force developed a step-by-step guideline that encompasses appropriate cleaning techniques, disinfectant selection and quality assurance measures. It has been approved by stakeholders identified in all other departments where Surface US is heavily used (vascular medicine, Ob/Gyn, emergency medicine).

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Conclusions The development of an institutional guideline for cleaning and disinfection of surface US probes is essential in addressing the inconsistencies and conflicts in existing recommendations. This guideline will serve as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, ensuring a standardized approach to cleaning and disinfection practices, thereby reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections and improving patient safety.

  • US
  • cleaning
  • disinfection
  • quality improvement
  • infection control
  • POCUS.

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