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#34261 Fascia iliaca block versus lumbar plexus block as analgesia in hip surgeries: A retrospective cohort study
  1. Noel Aypa and
  2. Aileen Rosales
  1. Anesthesiology, Makati Medical Center, Manila, Philippines


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Background and Aims Although there is no gold standard regimen yet on regional or multimodal pain management for hip patients, some ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks such as the fascia iliaca (FI) and lumbar plexus (LP) blocks were known to provide good analgesia, and to compare the effectiveness and safety of these two was the aim of this study.

Methods This was a retrospective, cohort type of study done through chart review of hip surgery patients at a tertiary care center. The primary endpoint was patient reported pain scores using numeric rating scale (NRS) at post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and within 24 hours post-block.

Results From the 50 patients who underwent hip surgery, 36 and 14 patients were given ultrasound-guided FI and LP blocks, respectively. The clinical outcomes such as post-operative pain, length of stay at the PACU, and adverse events were comparable (p> 0.05) between the two groups. Overall, the post-operative pain score was graded as zero by the majority of patients at zero minutes up to 120 minutes, 92% and 88% respectively. A pain score of 6 to 10 (severe pain) was noted by 1 to 2 patients up to 60 minutes post-operative. There were no adverse events reported, and PACU stay was at a median of 2 hours, shortest was at 2 hours and longest was at 5 hours, which was noted in the FI group.

Conclusions Fascia iliaca and lumbar plexus blocks were both effective and safe in providing post-operative pain control in hip surgery patients.


  • fascia iliaca block
  • lumbar plexus block
  • hip surgery

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