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#36144 Effects of the ketogenic diet in pediatric patients with epilepsy and its association to parental stress
  1. Veronica Gutierrez-Delgado and
  2. Stephanie Gutierrez
  1. School of Medicine, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Gonzales, USA


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Background and Aims This systematic review strives to survey the various outcomes from a ketogenic diet in epileptic children. More specifically, to analyze evolving levels of parental stress from maintaining a lifestyle accompanied by anti-seizure medications. A balanced diet is vital to the wellbeing of children with epilepsy. Indeed, a ketogenic diet should potentially offer a positive impact on a child’s seizure control. Epilepsy type, duration, and seizure number are common variables.

Methods In coalescence to a detailed literature search from the PubMed database, the NCBI National Library of Medicine database was also used. Data specific to parental stress as a result of the ketogenic diet for children with epilepsy. Variables such as type of epilepsy, length of diet, and amount of seizure control were explored.

Results Data retrieved from the above-mentioned literature depict the effect on parents sustaining a ketogenic diet for their children with epilepsy. Studies were performed over a period of 12 months. This study could be used to reflect on the effects a ketogenic diet has on seizure control in epileptic children. Moreover, to reflect on the parental stress as a result of this specific diet.

Conclusions A ketogenic diet in children with epilepsy offers an impactful change to better control seizures. The connection of this study could be used to assess the relationship between a well balanced diet and seizure control in children with epilepsy. More research is needed to corroborate the functionality of a ketogenic diet in epileptic children.

  • pediatrics
  • epilepsy
  • ketogenic diet
  • stress
  • parental stress
  • management
  • lifestyle

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