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EP208 Usage of artificial intelligence-integrated usg in application of pectoral block type II in mastectomies
  1. Çağla Yazar and
  2. Elvin Kesimci
  1. Anesthesiology, Baskent University, Ankara, Turkey


Background and Aims Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and one of the most important causes of death. Chronic pain develops in 50% of patients undergoing breast surgery. Regional anesthesia, decreased opioid requirements, PONV incidence, pulmonary complications, and length of stay in the PACU in these patients. Among the regional blocks, pectoral block type II stands out because it has a low risk of complications and easy applicability because the block is performed with a single injection under the guidance of ultrasonography.

Methods 70 patients with ASA II, aged 18-75, who were scheduled for mastectomy surgery, were included in the study. After randomization, an anesthesiology resident performed a PECS II block with AI-integrated USG or conventional USG (Group AI-USG and Group USG).

Results The two groups were homogeneously distributed in terms of demographic data. The time took for the anesthesia resident to perform the block was found to be shorter in the USG group. Intraoperative bradycardia was observed more frequently in the AI-USG group. At the same time, the rate of tachycardia in the PACU unit was lower in this group than in the USG group. VAS scores in the AI-USG group at PACU, postoperative 24. hours were 1 point lower than in the USG group; it was statistically significant. Postoperative Tramadol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) consumption PCA were lower in the AI-USG group.

Abstract EP208 Figure 1

PECS II block appliance

Abstract EP208 Figure 2

PECS II block using AI-integrated USG

Abstract EP208 Table 1

Pain levels of cases according to follow-up times and groups

Conclusions Finally, we found that AI integrated USG technologies created by developing technology help block area imaging and block performance for beginners, although it’s not statistically significant.

  • mastectomy
  • pectoral nerve block
  • USG
  • artificial intelligence

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