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EP204 A prospective double-blinded randomized control trial comparing erector spinae plane block to spinal analgesia for postoperative pain in lung hydatid cyst peadiatric surgery
  1. Maha Ben Mansour1,
  2. Imen Trimech1,
  3. Ines Koobaa1,
  4. Sarra Sammari1,
  5. Sabrine Ben Youssef2,3,
  6. Nadine Mama1,
  7. Sawsen Chakroun4 and
  8. Mourad Gahbiche1
  1. 1Anesthésie Réanimation, CHU Fattouma Bourguiba Monastir, monastir, Tunisia
  2. 2Chirurgie pédiatrique, CHU Fattouma Bourguiba Monastir, monastir, Tunisia
  3. 3Chirurgie pédiatrique, CHU Fattouma Bourguiba Monastir, monastir, Tunisia
  4. 4Anesthésie Réanimation, CHU Fattouma Bourguiba Monastir, Monastir, Tunisia


Background and Aims Lung hydatid cyst surgery causes considerable postoperative pain, and it can lead to postoperative pulmonary problems particularly in children . The erector spinae plane (ESP) block is a recently described , is simple to perform, and numerous studies have established the analgesic efficacy of ESP block in a variety of therapeutic settings. To compare the analgesic efficacies of erector spinae plane (ESP) block and spinal analgesia (SA) in lung hydatid cyct (LHC) of peadiatric surgery

Methods eighty patients undergoing LHC, divided into two groups: group SA (had morphine spinal analgesia at a dose 3 micogramme/kg) and group ESP (patients had an ultrasound-guided ESP block at the end of surgery with 0.3 ml/kg Ropivacaine). The primary outcome was to compare pain scores at rest 24 h postoperatively between the 2 groups. Secondary outcomes included post operative FLACC scores for 48 h, procedural time, use of rescue medication, adverse events, and parental satisfaction

Results Patients with ESP block had a better FLACC score than those with SA but no statistical difference at a specific time. Cumulative Paracetamol consumption was higher in the ESP block group (p=0.047). The incidence of overall adverse events in the SA group was higher than in the ESP block group (p=0.045).

Conclusions Erector spinae plane block may be inferior to SA for analgesia following LHC, but it could have tolerable analgesia and a better side effect profile than SA. Therefore, it could be an alternative to SA or thoracic epidural analgesia as a component of multimodal analgesia in children population.

  • erector spinae plane block
  • morphine spinal analgesia
  • pain
  • postoperative
  • thoracic peadiatric surgery

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