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EP141 New objective methods for evaluating peripheral block success: ultrasonography, tissue oxygen saturation, perfusion index
  1. Dondu Genc Moralar,
  2. Ulku Aygen Turkmen and
  3. Oguz Ozakin
  1. Gaziosmanpasa Education and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Application for ESRA Abstract Prizes: I apply as an Anesthesiologist (Aged 35 years old or less)

Background and Aims Peripheral blocks are commonly used in upper extremity surgery, and their success is usually evaluated by subjective methods, which may not be reliable in uncooperative and sedated patients. The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of new objective methods for evaluating the success of infraclavicular block, including ultrasonographic evaluation of brachial vein diameter (BVD), perfusion index (PI), and tissue oxygen saturation (StO2).

Methods Fifty-five ASA 1-2 patients undergoing upper extremity surgery were included in the study. Before the block, BVD, PI, and StO2 were measured, and body temperature was recorded. After the block, these values were monitored for the first 30 minutes, and pain sensation, autonomic and motor block were evaluated.

Results BVD and PI evaluation at the 5th minute after the block were found to be effective in evaluating the success of the block. Body temperature increased from the 15th minute, and StO2 was significantly high at the 30th minute. When compared with other tests, BVD measurement was found to be more effective in evaluating the success of the block (table 1).

Abstract EP141 Table 1

Comparison Of Perfusion Index, Tissue Oxygen Saturation, Body Temperature and Brachial Vein Diameter Parameters at Measurement Times

Conclusions The results suggest that BVD and PI evaluation can provide objective and reliable information on the success of infraclavicular block in a short time. These methods may improve the accuracy of block success evaluation and help clinicians make more informed decisions.

  • Infraclavicular Nerve Block
  • Block Success
  • Perfusion Index
  • Brachial Vein Diameter

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