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EP140 Comparison of intra-articular corticosteroid versus intra-articular platelet rich plasma (PRP) for pain relief in osteoarthritis knee
  1. Khusboo Rana,
  2. Anurag Agarwal,
  3. Shivani Rastogi and
  4. Samiksha Parashar
  1. Anaesthesiology and Critical Care, Dr.RMLIMS, Lucknow, India


Background and Aims In osteoarthritis (OA), injectable medications like platelet rich plasma (PRP) or corticosteroids, causing regenerative changes are palliative and preventive against replacement surgeries. This study aimed to compare the efficacy of a single intra-articular dose of PRP to single intra-articular corticosteroid for the treatment of moderate knee OA.

Methods Patients aged 40-70years with knee OA grade II/III (Kellgren-Lawrence classification) were enrolled. Refusal to consent, varus/valgus knee deformity, rheumatoid arthritis, hemophilia, previous knee surgery, drug or alcohol addiction, use of anticoagulant or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in previous 7 days were the exclusion criteria. Patients were divided into two groups: Group A (corticosteroid group) and Group B (PRP group). Both groups were assessed for pain VAS score, functional WOMAC score and ultrasound guided femoral cartilage thickness.

Results After ethical approval, 68patients were included, 34 in each group. Both groups were statistically comparable for age, BMI, baseline VAS and WOMAC score, preintervention femoral cartilage thickness. The mean VAS and WOMAC score was significantly lower in group B at 3 and 6 months compared to group A. The mean changes in VAS and WOMAC scores from preintervention to 1, 3 and 6 month were significantly improved in both groups. There was no change in mean femoral cartilage thickness at 6month from baseline in both groups.

Conclusions Single intra-articular PRP injection showed better improvement in pain and functional score than corticosteroid injection. Improvement started one month after injection and best improved pain scores were seen at six months. PRP as a treatment option for OA knees has promising outcomes.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • platelet rich plasma
  • corticosteroid

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