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OP018 Our catheter experience in earthquake victims operated in our hospital after the 6 February 2023 earthquake in Turkey
  1. Ergun Mendes1,
  2. Ozal Adiyeke1,
  3. Onur Sarban1,
  4. Funda Gumus Ozcan1 and
  5. Gozen Oksuz2
  1. 1Istanbul Basaksehir Cam and Sakura City Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  2. 2Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam Univercity, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey


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Background and Aims After the earthquakes in Turkey, many citizens were injured and a long process that required physiological and psychological treatments started in the ongoing process. In this study, it was aimed to observe pain and psychological changes in earthquake victims in the light of the QoR-15 score.

Methods After the approval of the Local Ethics Committee (Decision No: 2023-194), earthquake victims who were operated on for traumatological and reconstructive reasons and inserted a catheter were evaluated retrospectively. Demographic data and catheters were recorded. Baseline, 24-hour and 72-hour QoR-15 and VAS scores were compared within themselves in terms of temporal changes.

Results A total of 40 catheters were inserted in 29 patients. (after exclusion 36 catheters-26 (15w/11m) patients evaluated). The type and number of catheters are shown in table 1. The age of the patients was 35.57 ± 13.69 years and the duration of catheterization was 8.91 ± 5.08 days. Infusion of 0.1% bupivacaine 0.5-1 mg/kg/24 hours was started routinely. The QoR-15 and VAS scores of the patients at baseline, 24 hours, and 72 hours were 80.45 ± 17.76, 95.27 ± 15.16 and 101.06 ± 15.52, and VAS scores were 4.61 ± 1.41, 1.79 ± 1.36 and 0.76 ± 0.86, respectively (p<001 and p<0.001, respectively) (table 2 and figures 1-2).

Abstract OP018 Table 1

The type and number of catheters

Abstract OP018 Table 2

QoR-15 and VAS scores (mean ± SD)

Abstract OP018 Figure 1

Change of QoR-15 (quality of healthing-15) scores over time

Abstract OP018 Figure 2

Change of VAS (visual analog scala) scores over time

Conclusions In this study, a significant improvement was achieved in QoR-15 and VAS scores as a result of catheter insertion. Considering that post-traumatic injuries require repetitive operations and pain worsens the existing psychological state, it can be stated that catheterization is beneficial.

  • QoR-15
  • earthquake victims
  • regional catheter

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