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B21 Developing an ultrasound-guided fascia-iliaca plane block training model
  1. N Weston Smith and
  2. S Harris
  1. Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Truro, UK


Background and Aims Simulation based education (SBE) promotes practice, feedback, and self-reflection in the absence of risk to patients.1 When teaching regional anaesthesia, SBE has been shown to be effective, improving knowledge and skills.2,3 High cost, high-fidelity training models are available, but often with limited life-spans. Evidence suggests that low cost alternatives may be appropriate for certain skills.4 The project aim was to develop an effective, low-cost, sustainable, model designed for practicing an ultrasound-guided fascia-iliaca plane block.

Methods The model was intended to be fully recyclable and easily remade following use. It was designed to represent anatomy under ultra-sound, allowing needle and local anaesthetic spread visualisation, and provide the tactile feedback of passing through fascial planes. 10 anaesthetic novices and emergency medicine trainees attended two teaching sessions using the models. They were asked to evaluate its effectiveness immediately following the session.

Results Trainees rated the model as 9.2/10 in allowing needle visualisation, and 9/10 in allowing local anaesthetic spread visualisation. 8 of 10 trainees were able to feel the sensation of passing through fascial layers. All trainees either agreed or strongly agreed that use of the model had improved their confidence in performing an ultrasound-guided fascia-iliaca plane block. Globally, trainees rated the model as 9.5/10 with regards to being a useful training aide.

Conclusions The model developed is an effective training tool with respect to performing an ultrasound-guided fascia-iliaca block. The model can be made at low cost using commercially available materials and be fully recycled following use.

Ethics approval was not required for this study.

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