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B13 Pregabalin use in patiens with chronic low-back pain with a neuropathic component; one center results participating in the neuropathic pain registry of the PA.RH.SY.A
  1. I Siafaka,
  2. A Tsaroucha,
  3. N Firfiris,
  4. M Kouri and
  5. A Vadalouca
  1. Aretaieion Hospital, Anesthesiology Department, Pain and Palliative Care Center, Athens, Greece


Background and Aims Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) has a neuropathic component (NC) in up to 37% of patients. The aim of this study was to describe the treatment of CLBP with a NC with pregabalin, as registered in Aretaieion hospital.

Methods Patients presenting CLBP with NC from the Neuropathic Pain Registry of PA.RH.SY.A, who visited the Pain and Palliative Care Center of Aretaieion hospital were eligible for analysis. Data analyzed, related to patient’s initial visit, included: baseline characteristics, type of neuropathic pain, pain duration and intensity and medical treatment. The study included patients which reported VAS>4 and DN4≥4.

Results In total, 1997 patients were identified (2016–2021); 593 (593/1997, 29.6%) patients experienced CLBP and 219 (219/593, 36.9%) had NC. Patients were clinical examined and the linguistic validated Greek version of DN4 questionnaire was given for identifying the NC. Pregabalin in a dose of 25–350 mg was received by 138 (138/219, 63.8%) patients and was carefully titrated in order to avoid side effects. Reduction of pain intensity by a percentage of 30% (primary endpoint) was reported by 145 (145/219, 66.1%) of patients within the first week and improvement of pain by 90% was recorded by 179 (179/219, 82%) within the first month. Side effects were light to moderate and limited after the first 4–5 days. Improvement in sleep quality was the reported in 90% of the cases.

Conclusions Almost 37% of patients with CLBP had NC. The use of pregabalin in CLBP patients with NC is an effective and safe treatment.

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