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SP5 Radiofrequency ablation of vertebral body metastases
  1. Magdalena Anitescu
  1. Professor of Anesthesia, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA


Vertebral compression fractures occur due to osteoporosis or malignancy. Diagnosis is best done clinically and by MRI, CT. Most common malignancies associated with vertebral body metastases are breast, lung, prostate cancers. Multiple myeloma is in a special situation as over 70% of patients do have bone pain at diagnosis and about 55–70% have a history of vertebral body abnormalities. In the presence of the vertebral body metastases, back pain is prevalent. The common treatment of vertebral body malignant lesion is a vertebral augmentation procedure that is coupled with radiofrequency ablation of the identified metastases.

In this presentation we will discuss effectiveness of this combined technique in improving clinical outcomes by decreasing pain and control local tumor burden in cancer associated metastases of the vertebral body. We will also describe techniques, analyze potential complications, address managing possible adverse events and review the literature on best approach to this complex cancer related condition.

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