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SP4 Infusion therapies in chronic headache
  1. Magdalena Anitescu
  1. Professor of Anesthesia, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL USA


Headaches are widely prevalent, as more than 50% of the general population will develop headache within a year. Furthermore, headache has a 90% lifetime history in the world population. However, only 3% of population would develop chronic headache. Many treatments do exist that are very effective in reducing headaches. This presentation will discuss infusion therapies, treatment modalities that are less common but very effective in intractable chronic headache conditions. In addition to presentations of current dihydroergotamine and valproate infusion protocols, we will also introduce magnesium as an essential element that, when administered intravenously, can decrease headaches. Additionally, this presentation will describe indications for lidocaine and ketamine infusions to improve pain from intractable chronic headaches.

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