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LB15 Comparing postoperative analgesic effectiveness ofultrasound guided ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric transversusplaneblock and transmuscular quadratuslumborum plane block in caesarian section
  1. S Peddi1,
  2. SP Aarumulla2 and
  3. K Kandukuru
  1. 1Narayanamedical College Hospital, Nellore, India
  2. 2Narayana Medical College and Hospital, Nellore, India


Background and Aims Both IL-IH TAP PLANE and TRANSMUSCULAR QL blocks are used in providing postoperative analgesia for abdominal surgeries Here we are comparing these two techniques in post caesarian section surgery in terms of VAS scores , first rescue analgesia , total analgesic consumption , ease of identifying sonoanatomy and time taken to perform block.It has been shown by several studies that TRANS MUSCULAR QL block gives both visceral and somatic analgesia, there by providing better analgesia.

Methods 40 parturients undergoing caesarian section with ASA grade I,II & III were included.This is a prospective randomised singleblinded study.thepatients are divided into two groups. Group I and GroupQ. Group I received 20 ml of 0.125%Bupivacaine deposited IL-IH TAPplane .GroupQ received 20 ml of same drug deposited in TRANS MUSCULAR QL plane on both sides.An observer blinded to the block given records the VAS sores, first rescue analgesic dose &total analgesic consumption. We also observed the time taken to perform block and ease of identifying sonoanatomy

Results GROUP Q had similar VAS scores compared to GROUP I at 12 hrs. DYNAMIC VAS scores are less in GROUP Q. GROUP I received rescue analgesic after 16 hrs GROUP Q received rescue analgesic after 18hrs.Time taken to perform block was much lower in GROUP I compared to GROUP Q

Conclusions We conclude that USguided TRANS MUSCULAR QL block provide superior analgesia compared to IL-IH TAP PLANE block.But time taken to perform block is more and there is difficulty in identifying sono anatomy comparedto IL-IH TAP PLANE.

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