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LB2 PREP, stop & block
  1. M Arslan,
  2. UF Malik,
  3. K Srinivasan and
  4. P Conroy
  1. Tallaght University Hospital Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


Background and Aims To audit on the change of protocol for Peripheral nerve blocks(PNBS) to avoid inadvertent wrong sided block in a tertiary hospital of Dublin. This audit is based on modified version of traditional ‘Stop before you block’ protocol introduced in 2021.

Methods This audit was based on questionnaires given to each Operation theatre anesthesia room for the nurses and doctors to fill out after PNBS.The duration of audit was of 1 month from 4th March 2022 to 4th April 2022..All patients records were reviewed for proper recordings in pre designed structured form.

Results In this duration,total 52 PNBS were done while only 38 forms were filled for audit. .Among these 38 blocks,30 blocks(78.9%) were forlower limbs,6(15.7%) for upper limbs and 2 (5.2%) for abdominal procedures. The Prep (preparation)of drugs ,equipments and area was done 100% as per hospital policy. However, Stop was done ‘verbally’ only for 15(39.4%) blocks .But ‘mark ‘was checked in 36(94.7%) blocks. Finally, Block was given immediately in 37 (97.3%) blocks and it was delayed in 1 (2.6%) block but Prep,stop was not repeated for that block.

Conclusions Conducting an audit on Prep,stop and block protocols is essential for every hospital in which peripheral nerve blocks are done. It avoids the inadvertent wrong sided block which is a ‘never event’.The above audit clearly shows room for improvement.

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