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B426 Reaudit spinal sonography & applications of ultrasound for central neuraxial blocks: survey of practice before and after training in our hospital
  1. R Singh1 and
  2. M Bhardwaj2
  1. 1Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield, UK
  2. 2Wexham Park Hospital, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, Slough, UK


Background and Aims The current evidence supports the use of neuraxial ultrasound as a useful adjunct to conventional CNB (Central Neuraxial Block) techniques: It can be used to accurately identify lumbar intervertebral levels1. It Allows precise measurement of depth to the epidural space. Neuraxial ultrasound may facilitate more accurate needle placement and decrease the number of needle redirections and skin punctures2. Ultrasound-assisted CNB is not designed to replace the conventional surface landmark-guided technique, which is simple and effective in the majority of patients.

Methods Pre training survey and post training survey was conducted at Wexham Park Hospital. Participants were chosen through a pre-training survey. They included consultants, middle grades, registrars and core trainees. A total of 22 people replied to the survey and were happy to particip[ate. Survey was disseminated through trust email and findings were shared with the hospital at Educational half days. On the day of training, 22 participants had the opportunity to perform and gain confidence on the mannequin. A didactic lecture was delivered followed by a training session. A post training survey was sent back to all the participants.

Conclusions Ultrasound guided CNB is an advanced tool to be used when technical difficulty is anticipated or when increased precision is desired. Having said that, the acquisition and maintenance of competency in neuraxial ultrasound requires practice. We therefore recommend that anaesthetists should incorporate neuraxial ultrasound into their clinical practice whenever possible until they attain the desired level of comfort with the ultrasound-assisted approach to CNB.

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