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B380 The use of ORT questionnaire as a screening tool for chronic non cancer pain, in Greek patients, preliminary and secondary Results
  1. EC Isaia1,
  2. I Chiotis2,
  3. A Tsarouha3,
  4. I Siafaka3,
  5. E Antonogiannakis2 and
  6. P Zis4
  1. 1Pammakaristos Hospital, Athens, Greece
  2. 2Hygeia Hospital, Athens, Greece
  3. 3School of Medicine of NKUA , Aretaieion Hospital, Athens, Greece
  4. 4University of Cyprus Medical School, Nicosia, Cyprus


Background and Aims The purpose of this research was to implement a screening tool for the risks associated with the use of opioid prescription drugs for the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain in clinical medical practice. The expectation of the tool chosen (Opioid Risk Tool/ORT) was to be weighted in Greek patients with the aim of successfully applying it as a method for preventing aberrant behaviors such as abuse and addiction that can bring significant problems to the patients.

Methods In the study participated patients who came for examination and treatment at the Pain Clinic and the Orthopedic Clinic of the same hospital. All patients would experience chronic pain of various etiology, they were asked to complete the ORT and received opioid medication based on a personalized approach of their pain level and other accompanying symptoms. The patients were monitored for aberrant behaviors after their first visit.

Results The preliminary results showed that men (n = 23, 36.5%) are more likely to have at least one aberrant behavior compared to women (n = 28, 22.6%), χ2 (1) = 4.085, p = 0.043 < 0.05.Secondary evaluation is on the run and is meant to be completed and the data processed by the end of May 2022.

Conclusions The predictive ability of the tool was confirmed in both men and women. Success was evaluated on the basis of the ability of the ORT tool to be developed, applied and used in a Greek patient population.

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