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B373 Chronic neuropathic pain management: results from one center participating in the neuropathic pain registry of the hellenic society of pain management and palliative care
  1. A Vadalouka and
  2. P Kritikou
  1. Pain and Palliative Care Centre, Athens Medical Centre, Athens, Greece


Background and Aims The aim of the present study was to describe the treatment of patients suffering from neuropathic pain (NP), as registered in a private hospital.

Methods Patients from the Registry of the Hellenic Society of Pain Management and Palliative Care, who visited the Athens Medical Centre were eligible for analysis if they presented with NP. Data analyzed related to the patient’s initial visit and included: baseline characteristics, type of neuropathic pain, pain duration, pain intensity, and medical treatment. All analyses were descriptive.

Results In total, 168 patients were identified (2017–2019), with a mean age of 65.2 years. Overall, 97 (58%) patients experienced peripheral neuropathic pain (mainly Failed Back Surgery Syndrome [51%], and post-surgical pain [18%]), followed by 69 (41%) patients with cancer-related neuropathic pain (mostly CIPN [57%]), 11 (7%) patients with fibromyalgia, and 5 (3%) patients with central neuropathic pain. Time from pain initiation to visiting the center was 1,5 (4.9) years. Most patients received anticonvulsants (82%) and opiate analgesics (81%); antidepressants (13%), and local anesthetics (12%). Finally, 14% of patients received interventional techniques.

Conclusions Given the extended burden associated with chronic pain, further research should be performed to better understand the long-term outcomes of managing patients with NP in Greece.

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