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B368 Quadratus lumborum block type 2 in chronic hip pain: preliminary Results
  1. MT Fernandez Martín1,
  2. JA Aguirre2,
  3. S Lopez3,
  4. C Aldecoa1,
  5. M Garcia Alonso1 and
  6. MF Muñoz4
  1. 1Rio Hortega University Hospital, Valladolid, Spain
  2. 2Balgrist University Hospital, Zürich, Switzerland
  3. 3Abente y Lago Hospital, A Coruña, Spain
  4. 4Clinic University Hospital, Valladolid, Spain


Background and Aims Coxarthrosis is a frequent pathology in pain medicine with a major effect in quality life of the affected patients. The main objective of this study was to assess the impact of the quadratus lumborum block type 2 (QL2) in pain and quality of life.

Methods After Ethical Committee’s approval (PI 120–1770 on March 30, 2020) and register (Trial registration number: NCT04438265) we started this prospective, observational cohort study. . We present the results of 30 patients affected of chronic hip pain treated with quadratus lumborum block type 2 as an analgesic technique. Pain (numeric rating scale, NRS) and quality life (WOMAC scale) were assessed after three weeks and three months.

Results In the sample 5 patients were lost. There were no differences in demographic data. At third month, descriptive statistic showed a global pain improvement ( mean NRS 8, 3/3, 1) and quality life (mean WOMAC 72, 9/37) (p value 0, 01). An NRS and WOMAC value improvement of 50% was achieved in 13 patients (55%). We found no differences in the improvement related to sex but found a difference in chronic pain etiology. Patients with avascular necrosis did not improve in the parameter stiffness (p=0.039). The observed improvement in NRS and WOMAC (global, stiffness and function) were significant between baseline and the follow ups (p<0.001) but not between two follow ups. One complication was reported associated to the block.

Conclusions Our results show that QLB2 could represent a minimally invasive option in hip chronic pain refractory to other treatments.

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